Upper Elementary / Middle School Books

Road to Success (Upper Elementary/Middle School Books)

Road to Success Workbook

A Guide to Becoming Who You Want to Be
Upper Elementary and Middle School Student Workbook

High School Program - Achieving Success Workbook

This workbook assists youth in exploring who they are and what they stand for, being their own leader, appreciating diversity, building positive relationships, setting goals, improving academic grades, and mapping out their future. Each segment in the book includes a written overview about the topic followed by written exercises for students to complete on their own or with the assistance of an adult. The workbook has 32 pages, is printed in black, text, and has a full color cover.



Road to Success Training Handbook

A Guide to Assist Students in Developing Life Skills and
Planning for the Future

Adult Facilitation and Training Handbook

This training handbook complements the Road to Success student workbooks. It is designed for teachers, mentors, or program staff to create an interactive learning experience for their youth.

Training Handbooks Include:

  • A suggested facilitation to teach the topic for each workbook lesson.
  • Hands-on and discussion activities to select from for each lesson.
  • An overview for each workbook lesson.
  • Access to the Winning Futures’ program support website to download support materials including a Training PowerPoint. Files may be used with mentors, volunteers, program staff, teachers, and parents.
  • Evaluation tools customized for this curriculum with pre- and post-assessments for students, mentors, and teachers are also available on the support website. The surveys are created by professional researchers.



Curriculum Topics

Segment 1: Steps to Success– (New)

Written: It’s All About Me– (New)
Hands-on Options: Jenga, Chain Reaction, Team Name

Segment 2: Attitude

Written: Attitude Counts- (New)
Hands-on Options: Cool Runnings Video, Winning Futures Volleyball, Bag Your Bad Attitude

Segment 3: Strengths and Talents

Written: Everyone’s Important– (New)
Hands-on Options: Change Exercise, Coat of Arms, Strengths and Talents Collage

Segment 4: Responsibility and Leadership

Written: Leading by Example– (New)
Hands-on Options: Lead or Follow Survey, Trust Walk

Segment 5: Values

Written: Values Check- In– (New)
Hands-on Options: Identity Box, Values Poster

Segment 6: Values in Action

Written: Values in Action– (New)
Hands-on Options: Tin Foil Animals, Values Mobile, Positive Comments

Segment 7: Diversity

Written: Valuing Diversity
Hands-on Options: Spider Web, Jelly Bean Game

Segment 8: Positive Relationships

Written: Positive Support Team– (New), RARE Everyday Heroes– (New)
Hands-on Options: Surprise Letter

Segment 9: Goal Setting

Written: Three Areas of Goals, My Future After High School– (New), My Long-Term Vision– (New)

Segment 10: Academic Goal Setting

Segment 11: Overcoming Obstacles

Segment 12: Study Skills

Segment 13: Time Management Planner

Written: Time Management

Segment 14: Test Stress and Test Tips

Segment 15: Plan and Commitment

Written: Your College Fact Sheet

Segment 16: Reaching Success


Winning Futures Bingo, Egg Drop, Naming Positive Values, Success Sentence Search, Goal Project Planner