One-Year Continuing Education Goals

Drake, L

This session begins with the college fears group exercise. This activity will address common fears about continuing education that most high school students share (not being able to afford tuition, not being smart enough, liking roommates, making friends, missing home, etc.).

Our Winning Futures Workbook page for this session prompts students to write a one year educational goal. This long-term goal will help students work towards achieving their long-term career goals (Five-Year Vision). It is also important to remember that their eight-week goal now becomes an action step to their one-year goal. Highlights from this session include:

* Evaluate college types that fit with their personality, interests and goals.

* Students will develop tools that help them through the college application process.

* Students will gain knowledge of the different sources and options of financial aid and how to apply.

* Students will set a one-year continuing education goal.