Self-assessment Questions for Teens

Before students can start working on a plan for their futures, they first need to evaluate where they are today.  All of us have both positive and negative assets.  To help improve the negative assets, it is important to first recognize what they are.  This can be done through a self-assessment.  Some example questions students can answer during a self-assessment are:

~What are some things I want to improve about myself
~My biggest challenges or things I worry about are
~I am most grateful for
~Things I like to do
~My friends would describe me as
~I would describe myself as
~The most positive people in my life are
~The most negative situations in my life are

Winning Futures mentors help students students evaluate these types of questions along with guiding them in setting new/realistic goals in the areas in which they wish to improve on.

1 thought on “Self-assessment Questions for Teens

  1. Hello I am in a Doctor of Nursing Practice program doing a project where I am looking at the health status of adolescents. I was wondering if you have a self assessment tool that has been tested that gives information on how teens view their own health. The sample questions that you have listed are great. Do you have this as a complet assessment that I could ue for my project?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

    Gordon Duvall

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