Awards & Statistics

Awards & Statistics

Outcomes and Statistics

Saginaw Valley State University has created customized pre- and post-assessments based upon the program curriculum. Students, teachers, and volunteers (including mentors) complete surveys at the beginning and culmination of the program. These tools are FREE to organizations when they purchase a Program Package. After participating in the program:
  • Nearly 100 percent of students believe they can accomplish their career goals.
  • 83% increase in academic grade in six weeks
  • 84% decide to attend a higher level of education than originally planned
  • 99.3% want to continue schooling past high school!
  • More than 80 percent have a better understanding of their values.
  • All participants believe they can set realistic, detailed goals.
  • Ninety percent of parents reported that their children are more prepared for the future, have a better attitude, and have initiated conversations about their future.

Teachers had scores in the following categories that changed in the following categories.

  • Has positive attitude toward school
  • Believes he or she is a leader
  • Is self-reliant
  • Is motivated
  • Thinks it’s important to help others
  • Is honest
  • Takes initiative when things need to be done
  • Is willing to compromise with peers
  • Is able to express his or her feelings
  • Has good communication skills
  • Gets along well with others
  • Thinks he or she is a good person

In a survey of more than 200 past students who are now adults, 90 percent reported:

  • They have pursued and/or completed education past high school even though they were not initially college bound.
  • They continue to set goals.
  • They are more self-reliant and successful because of their skills learned in this program.
  • They have a positive attitude.


The Winning Futures program has been recognized with a number of awards, along with recognition from local newspapers and television stations. Winning Futures has impacted over 30,000 youth since 1994.

  • Charter One’s and WXYZ-TV 7’s “Champion in Action Award” - 2008
  • The Governor's Service Award "Innovative Mentoring Program" Award Winner - 2007
  • The Governor's Excellence In Practice Award for Career Education - 2005
  • The "National Mentor of the Year" Award from the National Mentor Support Foundation – 1998
  • Michigan Education Association "Exemplary Selection" in Showcasing Public Success – 1996
  • Career and Technical Education of Macomb County "Only the Best" Award – 1996
  • Recognition of the Winning Futures Scholarship Program by United States Secretary of Education Richard E. Riley – 1995