The Winning Futures Workbooks and Training Handbooks empower and prepare youth through:

Character Value Identification Career Exploration and Plans Hands-on Activities
Personal Assessments Job Readiness Skills Group Discussion
Academic Goals & Skills Goal Setting Written Activities
Easy to implement! Training guides, scripted facilitations, online training, PowerPoint presentations for each lesson, and outcome evaluation tools FREE with every package. This evidence-based curriculum is best for site-based or school-based programs with staff, mentors, or teachers.

Innovative Curriculum

Winning Futures, a nonprofit organization, designed a curriculum and structure with business leaders, educators, parents, and students. Since 1994, our program has been successfully implemented into schools and non-profit agencies throughout the country as a prevention and intervention program through mentoring, workshops, and classroom sessions.

Learn about Winning Futures.

Train-the-Trainer Videos

Free videos are available for staff to learn the facilitation or to play for students.

Road To Success Training

Free Road to Success training video for staff and mentors.
“The key to Winning Futures’ success is the curriculum and methodology. The energy in the room was palpable as staff engaged the students in activities that will prepare them to meet life’s challenges both as students and in their future careers. The testimony of the participants’ teachers about improved attitudes, behaviors, initiative, communication skills, teamwork, and more is the best report card a program could receive.” Elizabeth W. Bauer, Member Michigan State Board of Education
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